The freedom to create, share, receive and discover content: that is the promise of the web.

From a computer, tablet or phone, from your couch, a concert hall or a forest, your friends, knowledge and entertainment are just a click away.

Unfortunately this open door to the world contains its share of inconveniences: overabundance of advertisements, which make access to media slow, even unpleasant, but also sometimes dangerous content, capable of stealing information from you, or even degrading the performance and security of your devices, not to mention monitoring all your actions.

We want a respectful, secure and fast web.

This Internet, which we dreamed for you, did not exist, so we created it; we reinvented your connection to the digital world.

Yes, but how?

Our mission is to identify advertising abuse and regulate the risks of overexposure to commercial information. At the same time, we catalog viral threats that can either confiscate the data on your computers and mobile devices, insert unwanted ads on your machines, or use the computing power of your devices to benefit hacker groups. Finally, we try to prevent the theft of your personal information, via the biometric readings of the applications, or even via the integrated functions of diffusion of your private data, functions present natively in some software.

Armed with these lists, we prevent the multiple sources, at the origin of these threats, from contacting your computer equipment, by filtering your connection.

The result is a freer Internet, a more secure Internet, a faster Internet, because it's cleaned of these pollution.

Choose a faster, more respectful and safer Internet