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and reduce overexposure to ads, sharing of your personal data with multinationals and pollution from web traffic.   #Privacy #CarbonFootprint

Choose a respectful Internet

The Internet you deserve

At Feeltr, we want you to communicate, freely, without your actions being spied, without your data and devices are threatened, without the content you view being difficult to access, distracted by intrusive ads and/or by solutions that analyze your every move.

We want a respectful, secure and fast web.

What we dreamed for you didn't exist, so we created it; we reinvented your Internet connection.


Choose a respectful Internet

The Feeltr Services

Our mission is to identify advertising abuse and regulate the risks of overexposure to commercial information. At the same time, we catalog viral threats (such as adware, ransomware, malware and minerware) that can either confiscate data on your computers and mobile devices, insert unwanted advertisements on your machines, or use the computing power of your devices to benefit hacker groups. Finally, we prevent as much as possible the sharing of your data and your actions to multinational companies specialized in the commercialization of private data and biometric data.

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Reduce overexposure to ads

To finally read the latest news, without having to close a dozen ads in order to access the content.

Protect all your devices from viral risks

To enjoy the web more serenely, without constantly worrying about risks and their consequences.

Speed up your fixed and mobile Internet connections

Enjoy faster access with an Internet connection that is lightened from the parasitic content that slows it down.

Anticipate global cyber risks and threats

Secure your family digital home and/or business IT structure.

The consequence is the birth of a faster Internet, more respectful of your rights and the environment.

Choose a respectful Internet

Testimonials and reviews from Feeltr users

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Choose a respectful Internet

Quality labels

S!MPL, the publisher of Feeltr: recognized and award-winning expertise.


Choose the subscription that suits you. Purchase available in all currencies.

Free Feeltr

0 / month

  • 1 connected machine
  • Basic protection from advertising overexposure
  • Protection against adware
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Protection against malware
  • Protection against minerware
  • Internet Connexion fast and furious

Duo Feeltr

2,5 / month**

  • 2 machines connected
  • REINFORCED protection against advertising overexposure
  • Protection against adware
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Protection against malware
  • Protection against minerware
  • Internet Connexion fast and furious

Kingdom Feeltr

7,5 / month**

  • 10 machines connected
  • REINFORCED protection against advertising overexposure
  • Protection against adware
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Protection against malware
  • Protection against minerware
  • Internet Connexion fast and furious

Prices expressed EXCLUDING TAX - Yearly payment - Renewal on demand with e-mail reminder
* Free, no obligation offer to test Feeltr, for one month: the perfect solution to discover the comfort of our solution.
** Payment by the year is mandatory.


  • Can Feeltr replace my antivirus?

    Not at all. Feeltr is a complementary solution that on the one hand will block intrusive advertisements and on the other hand will block malicious codes that try to insert viruses on your devices and/or will block viruses that try to communicate with the outside world. Feeltr is therefore a complementary tool to a classic antivirus, but by no means a replacement solution. Feeltr works on what passes through your Internet connection, while an antivirus works to detect threats on your machines.

  • All of these terms refer to families of threats, which in common parlance you would call "computer viruses".

    An ADWARE is a computer program that displays advertisements on the interface of a software program or via the Internet browser in the form of pop-up windows that chronically pop up, which is totally unpleasant and unnecessary.

    A RANSOMWARE is a malicious computer software, taking data hostage or rather the owner of this data. To do this, it encrypts and blocks the files on your computer and demands a ransom in exchange for a key to decrypt them. Ransomware is the nightmare of businesses.

    A MALWARE is a type of malicious, aggressive virus whose purpose is to damage or disable computers, computer systems, tablets or mobile devices.

    A MINERWARE is code that performs advanced calculations without your knowledge, on your devices, in order to generate Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies for cyber criminal groups. The impact of MINERWARE is a slowdown of your devices whose resources are monopolized by this particular type of malware.

  • Of course because Feeltr, just like all security systems on the market, can generate what are called "false positives", i.e. label a content source as a potential threat, when it is not.

    If this happens: don't panic! All you have to do, just as you may do sometimes with an antivirus, is disable Feeltr via a simple click in the application, then re-enable it once you're done visiting that site, unfairly accused of being a risk source.

    Beware that Feeltr's lists of potential threats are updated daily. A website that is mistakenly seen as a threat today may not be the next day.

  • Both, because whether you are an individual or a company, you are in both cases connected to the same Internet and therefore to the same drawbacks.

  • Feeltr is available for Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Android. A Linux version will be available soon.

    Feeltr works upstream, directly by filtering your requests to the Internet.

    Feeltr is therefore "compatible" with all web browsers, all email and webmail clients, as well as office suites (infected documents that may contain threats).

    Feeltr acts as a complement to your antivirus without hindering or slowing down its operation.

  • After you have signed up for the subscription that suits you best, you will install the Feeltr application on your machines.

    When the application is launched, you will log in.

    Once these steps are completed, Feeltr will run in the background without you noticing.

    Every time your web browser or email client will query the Internet, in order to retrieve content to display, it is Feeltr that will filter your request and the response received.

    For example, if a malicious person has advised you to visit a website whose ultimate goal is to place a virus on your computer, Feeltr will prevent you from doing this foolishness by not displaying this site. In this case, Feeltr will block your request.

    Another example: you have received a Word document in an email that contains a malicious code, which will, upon opening the document, call a website to download a virus on your PC. Well, Feeltr will also block this request.

    Another case: a news website uses and abuses advertisements, to the point that reading articles and watching the videos it contains becomes a real penance. Here too Feeltr intervenes by cleaning up the unwanted commercial information overload. In case, Feeltr has therefore blocked the response you received from this website.

    There are no settings to be made on your side. Feeltr works alone, based on a list of potential threats that is updated daily to provide you with the best possible surfing experience.

Choose a respectful Internet
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